Hello, my name is Jason. I'm a Software Engineer. I love building things.


I'm a Software Engineer with 7+ years' of development experience. I've worked on a variety of web applications, including:

  • Website and CMS builds
  • High traffic APIs
  • Analytic scripts
  • Administration interfaces
  • Billing systems

I work as an Agile team lead, using scrum. I'm used to working with stakeholders at all levels to drive requirements gathering and deliver working and useful systems.

I really do love building things, and as much as I savour the challenge of technical complexity, nothing beats the joy of shipping something that works & works well.

I've worked for a number of businesses in different capacities such as a fully remote freelancer, full-time employee and contractor and I'm always striving to find the next interesting problem I can help solve. If you want to reach out about something that you think might pique my interest then get in touch below.


Test-Driven Development: Big fan for maintenance or adding well-defined features.

Paired/mob programming: Tackling complex problems as part of a 2+ team, is one of my favourite parts of development.

Scrum: Worked in scrum environments for several years and I love the MVP-driven approach. Retrospectives are the best as it’s all about improving to suit the ever-changing environment.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery: Test all the things, deploy daily. Confident, automated deployment systems with zero-error reporting is the dream and delivering code to live in the smallest possible chunk (feature flags are ace!) is a great way of doing it.

Peer-code-review: No line of code should ever be deployed to live without it.

  • Current Language Focus: Python, Lua & JavaScript (Frontend, NodeJS and Tooling).
  • Relational DBs: PostgreSQL & MySQL.
  • NoSQL DBs: MongoDB, REDIS Cluster & Apache hbase.
  • Supporting Languages: PHP & Java.
  • Sysadmin: Linux.
  • Python: Django, Flask & SQLAlchemy.
  • Java: Spring Boot.
  • JavaScript: Angular, SailsJS & React.
  • Tooling: Vagrant & Docker.
  • Version Control: Git & Mercurial.
  • Cloud: AWS, Kubernetes & Terraform.
  • Services: RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Jenkins & SQS.